Proposal of a Hegelian Marxism - First Edition Preface - Text

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First Edition Preface

What Hegelian aspects may a 'Hegelian' Marxism have? The absolute historicism. What can be a Marxist in a Hegelian "Marxism"? The complete secularization of the conflict that has been human history until today: the idea of ​​class struggle.

Why resort to Hegel again? For his logic of absolute mobility. For a logic that suggests the universality as internally differentiated, and the difference as operation of negativity.

Why resort to Marx again? For the idea that the communist horizon, the end of the class struggle, is possible. For his radical critique of capitalist exploitation, which can be extended to a consistent critique of bureaucratic usufruct.

Against any naturalism, against the idea of ​​human finitude, so characteristic of the culture of defeat. Against the bureaucratic sterility of Social Sciences. Against the demobilizing academicism of "post modern" fragmentation.

Resorting today to the possible conjunction between Hegel and Marx is a slap to academic fashions and covert theory resignation.

But which Hegel? The logician, the philosopher of negativity, who considered that nothing big has been done in history without passion, who installed the tragedy in the very nature of the Being.

But which Marx? The one resulting from reading under a common logic both German Ideology and Capital. No twentieth-century Marxism: Marx. His idea of history, his materialization of dialectics.

This is to again seriously consider the role of violence in history. This is to break the triumphalist continuum of repressive tolerance, and at the same time, with destructive self criticism, which delights itself in the merits of the enemy.

This is to break with the ominous luminosity of administration and profit. There will be no peace while still looking like peace at the structural violence that the ruling classes impose us as the rule of law. No peace while still tolerating in its name that hundreds of millions of human beings are simply left over, and so many hundreds of millions have no other horizon than the mediocrity of an administered life.

Once and for all say enough and start moving.

We are entitled to take the risk.

Santiago de Chile, March 2010.