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Orthodox Marxism also means, secondly, to recover the basic intuitions present in Marx and reasoning by analogy to understand the present. An analogue operation where the present term always prevails over the past, so as to try to understand what is new as something new, not simply as a repetition or prolongation. An exercise, in which the analogy is a heuristic tool, no way an evidence, and where whenever it proves to be in disagreement with Marx, worse for Marx, because what is important is our view of our problems, and Marx's text should be only an instrument, a temporary guide, however powerful it may be. This is the equation that I want to pick up with the paradoxical expression of "reinventing" Marxism. It is Marxism, on the one hand, because I think the works of Marx do contain powerful ideas that can guide the review of the present; it comes to "invent", on the other hand, because what matters is the present, not Marx.