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From Carlos Pérez Soto
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After such a dramatic statement, given that those who want to remain Marxists usually have nerves something altered currently, especially after the fall of the wall, here a small parenthesis is adequate, more subjective than theoretical, to calm premature anxieties, or unfounded joy. What I hold as a result of these conjectures and arguments, is that communism is possible, and that it makes perfect sense to be a Marxist today, and for quite some time. For those who want to watch this text from the point of view of revolutionary consistency, so typical an attitude of the Stalinist mentality, and still so widespread among the most furious anti-Stalinist, please know that I believe that communism is possible. I think, from the failure of classical Marxism the lack of viability of Marxism as a whole cannot be simply inferred. A Marxism of new type is possible, which is due to reinvent its original revolutionary impulse. To make it possible, it is necessary to get rid of classical Marxism, both of its long chain of pyrrhic and paradoxical victories, as well as of its profound and never assumed failures.