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From Carlos Pérez Soto
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Today, when none of our classical certainties may be considered as obvious, it is necessary to ask why the revolution is necessary. We must ask ourselves again whether the revolution is possible. And these are two different issues. It may well be that the revolution is much needed but simply not possible. None of these problems can be evident today. Why would we want violence? Why not try to broaden the democratic horizon from within? Why want to go again to a war that we have lost so many times before? Nobody goes to war until he has powerful reasons for doing so. People do not go to war even in extreme misery and exploitation, until there is an alternative that allows them to think that the future may be better. Today, when the system of social communication is able to largely manage expectations, why would they believe us that our war really is the peace of the future, while, on the other hand, the real, or even fictional, but heartfelt prospect of consumption may be a better or, at least, less uncertain future?