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From Carlos Pérez Soto
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Indeed today revolution is necessary, first, also because of the basic reasons Marx thought, ie because of the objective effects of extreme and inhuman poverty the system inherently produces by virtue of the dynamics of growth. But today this problem is twofold, and doubly serious, regarding the time of Marx. It is double, because in front of extreme poverty and radical marginalization there is mass consumption and easy integration, while every day there is a bigger barrier rising between them. It is not to be expected that the marginalized are progressively integrated into a system that requires fewer workers, even if it requires more and more consumers. In the growth calculation of capital regulated by bureaucratic power they can easily spare about two billion poor. And politics towards them will be becoming simply more criminal every day. The extreme poor are simply exterminated. The fratricidal war, compulsive policies of birth control, pests, will gradually, but always more quickly than philanthropists wanted, put an end to a third or more of the planet's population. And this policy of objective murderer can only be reversed by the radical humanist attempt of a revolution. The reformists who aspire to broaden the base of consumption, including the excluded, will be late, and are running late: a massive crime is already underway.