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From Carlos Pérez Soto
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All this is possible. All of this remains completely within the possibilities of the high-tech production system, which is the current system of domination. And all this is desirable and minimal. A revolutionary perspective cannot be raised without sharing at least some minimum political and reformist hopes. The question, however, is that this is perfectly possible even within the system of domination, ie, in full exercise of human alienation, now taken to the extreme. This is the crucial difference between reformist and revolutionary politics: reformism merely ask what the system can deliver, but has not yet done. A revolutionary policy is to ask just what the system can not give. Reformist politics is the art of the possible. Revolutionary politics is the art of making the impossible possible. And faced with comfortable alienation, with the possibility of expanding the horizon of consumption, and even expanding the reasonableness of life in general, a radical demand, the one that power always fails to satisfy, is simply that we want to be free and happy.