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We not only want to stop being poor, want to be happy. And the difference between one thing and the other is clearly demonstrable in the disenchantment with which the highest standards of living the system of domination can offer are experienced. Okay, if it's true they are so happy, why so many drugs, why so much suicide, why the constant feeling that life has lost sense, that the world is getting worse? The tragic curse of this alienating system is that those who don't consume suffer because they do not, and those who consume suffer anyway, even if they do. Why would they accept a shitty system like this, where even the privileged are constantly declaring that they are not happy, while it is precisely because of its patterns of production and consumption that one third of humanity is being exterminated? This is perhaps the radical base from which the revolution must be thought, and the concept of alienation is the central concept that can help us do.