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Of course it is perfectly possible to discover, in an often very obvious way, the theoretical places from which I'm getting materials to that "invention". If someone wishes, I could list them explicitly. First Herbert Marcuse, and the hodgepodge that he makes between Hegel, Marx and Freud. From this Hegel, Marx and Freud, now separately, according to my own reading, and precisely in that order. Then, highly suggestive to me are, adversely, the reflections of postmodern culture, the aesthetic avant-garde of the twentieth century, called "post-Marxists". But I'm not ready, if it comes to talking of Marxism, to discuss the relevance, accuracy, or fidelity with which I have adjusted to those references. That's why I don't quote them, although their presence is evident. Therefore, if it is to discuss in an academic way, I prefer to study each of these sources by itself, in the task of specifying the best possible "quarry of materials" with the aim of using their texts as pretexts, with or without their consent.