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Then, perhaps in the illusory beyond of triumph, even these ideas will be severely reconsidered. Those who win will not see history, which is now their history, as a pure product of the will, but rather emphasize the "objectivity" of the past, they will see these "voluntarism" as romantic excesses, they will work "on reality, as on a rock". They will find all sorts of "anticipation", "great glimpses", "deep insights". Every age creates its precursors. And if what has triumphed is truth and beauty, it perhaps may be good that they do. The problem is that truth and beauty will also be a reconstruction, and then, regardless of whether it is good or bad, it's just inevitable that they conquer history not only as triumphant present, or future splendor, but also as a promising past. "We have been expected", those who succeeded may say. Or, "We have finally arrived to the appointment, reserved for us by those whom we can now redeem".