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However, when we say that Marxism is a method of analysis, it is necessary to clarify the status of such a method, and its relationship with the contents. It is not in this case a method from which specific contents follow, or may be found. This claim, characteristic of scientific methodologism, is not true even for the sciences themselves. It's the other way round. It is a number of essential contents that are expressed in some methodological formulas. Marxism is a theory that is founded on a secular, materialist, humanist, atheist vision of human society and of reality in general. In this it is only heir to the traditions of modern thought. This is a set of beliefs that originate from the traditions of the Enlightenment and Romanticism, and a philosophical base that enables it to go beyond these horizons towards overcoming the modern philosophical tradition. And all these are properly contents, which are at the basis of the method, instead of being results from the action of the method on a pre-established reality.