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Of Marxism it may be said, thirdly, that it is a worldview. That is, a theory from which it is possible to offer a perspective on all areas of human experience. By the way, as I have stated in the previous section, it is not a general method. But, as far as the economy, politics and historical experience crucially cross all human experience, from there, and in relation to them, the Marxists can build specific views, in which the general theory offers some heuristics tracks and suggestions about the connections and relevancies each of these areas may have for politics, which is their main concern. Not all human experiences can be connected in the same way or to the same extent, with the reality of politics, but the so called "worldviews" aren't precisely constructions to dictate every single detail in an immediate manner. They are rather guidelines to understand the location of those who profess them regarding the world they live in.