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From a conceptual point of view, Marxism is not just an invention of Marx, it is the expression of an era in human history. One can say that the great historical novelty that is brought by the bourgeoisie as a revolutionary class, to human existence, is the self-awareness of the productive forces, ie, the notion and the practical experience of a concept in which the means of labor and work itself are recognized as a human product. It can be said, at the same point, that pre-capitalist societies were aware of the means of labor, but not self-conscious, that is, they looked at them as given objects, which may be worshipped or decorated, but which cannot be perfected. Herewith creating an essentially conservative attitude towards technological change. The bourgeoisie understands the means of work as its own product, recognizes its own work in them, and with that the cycle of ongoing industrial revolution we call "modernity" begins.